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My story

Hello My name is Carlos, I am Portuguese and I live in the Netherlands.

Since my school days I knew that I wanted to live in other countries and explore the world. I chose to be winemaker because it allows me to travel and be in contact with nature everyday.

I already lived in France, Switzerland, USA (California), New Zealand, Portugal and now in the Netherlands. My way of traveling is without a plan and specific places, I know where I start but then the journey goes with the own flow. Normally outside of cities or tourist places, I like contact with nature, people and local culture.

Feeling places is part of how I want to live and feel life, that's why I walk barefoot to be connected with everything around me. Believe me, we know the places much better when we feel them beneath our feet.

I felt the need to create a blog where I will share the authenticity of the places where I travel to, talking with local people listening what they have to say about the place where they live (they are the true experts of the places where they live), giving my opinions and tips, sharing experiences and sharing photos.

I can't finish without thanking my girlfriend who is an inspiring person and without her this blog wouldn't have been possible, thank you.

You only know 4 things about life, we born, we die, we have limited time and we have our body, the rest is all about feelings. So take care of your body and please don't forget to do what makes you happy.

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