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Exploring Porto: A Personal Tale of My Hometown

Hey barefoot walkers,

For the first article we will talk about “my” city Porto, I lived there since i born until my 19 years old, when i decided to explore the world.

During my school days, my friends and I walked around the city every day doing our crazy things where we got to know and understand the city of Porto and the people who live there.

I have to say its a nice city to live but sometimes the weather is boring, too cloudy and rain at least for me. I am a summer man.

I would say that its enough talk about me i let you with some information about Porto.

The City of Porto or “Invicta” (undefeate), during the Liberal Wars (1832 – 1834), the city of Porto was surrounded by absolutist troops and this period lasted more than a year, in which the liberal troops were surrounded. With this heroic resistance, Porto proved to be Undefeated.

The district of Porto has Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia as its main cities, among them only the river separates them.

The culture and traditions of these 2 cities are the same, the people who live in Gaia identify themselves as from Porto as in Porto and the other way around. As an example I was born in Porto and I am a citizen of Gaia, so 2 cities, 2 different names but the same identity.

The district of Porto is the second largest in Portugal after Lisbon but the relationship between its inhabitants is not the best.

Portugal is a country centred on Lisbon (capital), many of the decision-making centres were moved from Porto and other cities to Lisbon, which was not well accepted by its inhabitants (Porto and other cities). At the moment there is a feeling of revolt against centralism in Lisbon and Porto is the symbol of this Struggle.

Porto is a city full of history, places and food to enjoy (follow next articles) and with the river that gives it a special charm.

This is the history and my experience in this city, if you want to know where and what to eat the delicious traditional food and the best (my) spots in this city click here.

Don't forget if you go there, walk barefoot.



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