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Surf, Sun, and Serenity: Exploring Mirleft with Locals

Updated: Mar 3

Hey barefoot walkers,

If you read the article "Getting Lost in Morocco: Exploring Without a Map, Shoes Optional" (if you haven't, I advise you to do so), during our trip to Morocco we spent a few days in Mirleft and I could share my opinion with you (if you want, send a message) but I believe there's nothing better than the perspective of someone who lives there.

I leave you with the opinion of Claire and Hamza they are a couple (she's from France and he's from Morocco) and they have a really nice guest house in Mirleft. Check it out and book at, you won't regret it!

“Mirleft is a traditional Moroccan village, offering untouched beauty and culture. Here, you can see how local people (who are Amazigh people) lives far away of the crowd of the mass tourism.

With unspoiled beaches and varied surf spots, it’s a paradise for ocean and nature enthusiasts.

In between the Atlantic Ocean and the Anti-Atlas mountain, you can also explore different sites, lunar landscapes at Legzira, and engage in activities like surfing, paragliding and hiking.

"What we like about Mirleft is to be surrounded by nature, where there aren't big chain of hotels and restaurant."

We also like surfing here where you can still find some spots to surf all by yourself.

We made this project because we want to show our guests the beauty of this region and guide them in their surfing experience in small groups to learn better.

We want to welcome people as we would like to be welcomed when we travel. In our cozy guest house you will have your private apartment to feel like at home and a big space in the shared rooftop to enjoy the sun and meet with other guests.

What are the main industries or economic activities in Mirleft?

 -The main industries/economic act. are tourism, surf industry and fishing.

Can you describe the climate of Mirleft? 

 - Mirleft has a micro climate, because we are in between the western anti atlas mountain and the atlantic ocean. It is a semi-arid climate which means that it doesnt rain much, but it is never too hot neither.

What are some popular tourist attractions in Mirleft? 

 - Popular tourist attraction in Mirleft: visit wild beaches, surfing, Legzira, paragliding, quad, visit the old french fort, hamman/massage, try moroccan food/drink, shopping, trek in the mountain. You can also see how argan oil is made.

What are some traditional dishes or cuisine unique to Mirleft? 

 - For the food you have the same than in Morocco in general but they will make with a special recipe (as here it is Amazigh/berber people) so it will be berber couscous, berber fish etc.

Is surfing popular in Mirleft? If so, where are the best spots? 

 - Yes surfing is very popular in Mirleft and we have a good young generation here who start competiting. For tourist, you have many surf school, surf shop etc. The famous spot is Tamroucht.

What languages are commonly spoken in Mirleft?

- Mirleft residents are amazing people, they speak tachleit. But they also speak darija (that is the moroccan arabic spoken in Morocco). And most of them will speak english and french.

How it is to live in Mirleft?

- Living in Mirleft is nice, you connect to nature and easily to the local people. It is a calm place far away of mass tourism but lively in the same time as people here are often outside (thanks to this nice weather) and shop/restaurant close late. “

As you can read, Mirleft is a special place for those who enjoy contact with nature, especially with the sea, and to enjoy the climate of Morocco, which never disappoints us. I hope you liked this local perspective and if you're interested in special places in Morocco, the next article talks about a magical place where the grandeur and perfection of nature will surprise you. 

Dont forget:

If you go there, walk barefoot.


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