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Tafraout: 3 Reasons to Exploring Natural Beauty in the Middle of the Rocks

Hey barefoot walkers,

During our trip to Morocco, following the article "Getting Lost in Morocco: Exploring Without a Map, Shoes Optional," we visited Tafraout. We didn't know what we would find but during the bus ride there it became clear that we were heading to a special place surrounded by rocky mountains that show the essence of Morocco.

The town of Tafraout has all the necessary services: a supermarket, bakeries, street markets, traditional shops, and we didn't miss anything (maybe tap water doesn't taste very good but with a few drops of lemon, it's fine).

We didn't have any specific places to visit in Tafraout, we wanted to explore the place we quickly realized that the city center is just a normal small town with local businesses and the special thing about this place is nature, one of the most impactful local I've ever been. A place to contemplate our surroundings, we decided to climb a rock and stayed there for hours.

I'm sitting on top of the rock right now in the middle of nowhere, I don't hear anything (just the wind). The view from the top of this rock is imposing, how is it possible for nature to be so perfect? Every stone was meticulously placed in its place until it created this wonderful landscape. On the horizon, next to the mountains, there's like a filter (I don't know the reason) that paints a bluish color. It's impossible to describe, so I advise you to go there (you won't regret it).

The surroundings of Tafraout offer numerous opportunities for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Hiking trails through the surrounding mountains offer stunning panoramic views and the chance to explore remote villages (it's incredible how in these villages completely in the middle of nowhere without water or electricity the people manage to live there, considering that in the summer it's extremely hot).

If you go to Morocco and want to escape the traditional cities, Tafraout won't disappoint you. It's a journey back in time where the clock seems to stop and you're left with a renewed soul. Undoubtedly the most special place of the whole trip in Morocco for its simplicity but with an energy that leaves you contagious.

The road there isn't easy between mountain roads with many curves but if you go to Morocco, write Tafraout on your list of places to visit and then tell me if I was right. If you want to know more details or share your experience, you know, send a message.

Don't forget: If you go there, walk barefoot.

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