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5 Secret Local Spots in Porto (Portugal)

Updated: Mar 5

Hey barefoot walkers,

I hope your trips are going well, I'm writing this from Morocco (follow next articles) to escape the European winter, I know that you understand me.

I will give you 5 of the mine preferred spots in Porto, don't expect them to be touristic they were my places for 19 years in this city where I shared moments with friends and sometimes alone always with an inspiring view, I promise you will like it.

1 – Cabedelo;

1 – Cabedelo

Kind of parking by the beach facing the sea, very quiet, sometimes some caravans (it doesn't have any kind of support for caravans) . If you're lucky enough to go without clouds, you'll get a memorable sunset followed by a spectacle of colours on the horizon. In front you have an huge rocks where it is perfect to stay connected with the sea but be careful not to get wet by the waves, just a an advice.

2 – Serra de Valongo

This spot will take you to the middle of nature, the access is not a highway but it is possible to go by car, I went many times.

Next to a stream flowing completely isolated from the movement of the city, you have endless trails to hike or bike in nature always with the sound of water running next to you. If you like to be surrounded by plants, birds, water, it's the ideal place for you.

3 - Areinho de Oliveira do Douro / D. Luís II Bridge

You can't find this spot on any other site on the internet, the access to this place are recent and for now it's not famous yet but it will be because it's just beautiful.

On the banks of the Douro River between the Areinho of Oliveira do Douro (beach) / D. Luís II Bridge, you can go there by car (the streets are tight however it's possible) but I highly recommend a short walk always by next to the river and when you get to the spot you have a view over the city of Porto and the D. Luís II bridge with your feet in the water with a super relaxing place.

4 – Jardim do Morro

Perfect spot to spend quality time with friends. You will find a garden on the upper part of the bank of the Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia where you can contemplate the city of Porto and how the city goes around the curves that the river forces it to make, good place for photos. In front of the garden you have the Serra do Pilar, the highest place in the city where in the past the troops defended the city, there you have a panoramic view over the entire city and a sunset where the sun almost swallows the city.

5 – Jardins Palacio de Cristal

The Palacio de Cristal, now used for sporting events or concerts, was built to be an exhibition center for the city. The spot is not the palace but the gardens that surround it, at the back of the palace the garden overlooks the entire city of Vila Nova de Gaia where you can see all the Port Wine houses.

I have to confess that this place is a bit busy, but try to find a quiet place, I'm sure you will. It's in the city center and you will be able to get traffic by car (under the palace you have a paid car park); the best way is by bus. You'll like it.

These are my places in “my” city, they are not the most trendy or famous places but I certainly know you'll like it, you know I'm more focused on nature, I'm sure you have many monuments and churches to see but go where I told you and then tell me something.


Don't forget if you go there, walk barefoot!


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