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5 Traditional Food Spots in Porto (Portugal)

Updated: Mar 5

Hey barefoot walkers,

It is not possible to take a trip without eat. I have for you the 5 best and traditional meals in the city of Porto so you don't walk around with an empty stomach, then you go on a diet and everything goes back to normal.

I warn you that they are heavy but delicious foods.

3 – Rojoes

5 – Feijoada

1 – Francesinha

The most famous dish of the city of Porto consists of a type of sandwich with cheese, ham, pork sausage, beef steak, an egg on top and the spicy sauce that surrounds everything, accompanied by fries, you will love it.

The francesinha originated with a French emigrant who upgraded the French mixed toast (croque-monsieur) in the 60s.

It's a caloric bomb, I know, but it's delicious.

2 – Tripas a moda do Porto

Traditional in the north of the country it consists of pork tripe, white beans, chorizo, onion, garlic, tomato and spices. Everything is cooked slowly for a few hours and then everything seems to melt in your mouth.

It originated in the Portuguese maritime discoveries, in the conquest of ceuta, the meat that was good went to the boats and the part of the tripe remained in the city and the people used it for their own food. It may seem strange to eat pork guts, but try and you'll see that you don't regret it.

3 – Rojoes

For me the best meal with Portuguese tradicional food, just fantastic. Made with diced pork, garlic, pepper, wine and smoked meats all cooked with a little water and then fried. Heavy food, ideal for cold winter days and when you want to warm up your stomach.

The origin of this dish comes from the habit of raising the pig for food and the way to use all parts of the animal.

This one you'll have to try at least once.

4 - Papas de Sarrabulho

It is a kind of thick soup (papas) it is just boiled bread in blood. Now traditional food but in the old days it was the food of poor people who gathered the blood of animals that was offered to them, by people who killed their animals, and cooked them with bread.

To be honest, I don't fall in love with this dish but I let you know because you'll surely find it in the city of Porto.

5 – Feijoada

Well, heavier and more caloric dish than this one I don't know, you get fed for the rest of the week. You have beef, pork and chicken meat, pig's blood, spices and lots and lots of beans accompanied by white rice.

Called family or convivial food because it is made at special moments, family gatherings to enjoy some time around the table. As you may understand, nowadays you can find this dish in many places, but in the past only people with more economic possessions could have this meal.

Yes, I know you don't know how to choose, but I'll give you an advice: start with one that you'll surely want to try the others.

Please, before going to eat a burger, try these fantastic dishes full of history.

I hope that like and if want more advice about Porto just send me a message!

Don't forget:

      If you go there, walk barefoot!

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