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Nador (Morocco) from the Wrong Boarding Gate

Hello barefoot walkers,

I have a funny moment of our travel journey and then i let you with the point of view of a local (and a friend) from Nador, Morocco. 

We (me, Lisa and Mia) decided to go Albania, don't ask why, maybe is cheap and we never went there so why not. 

The trip was plan and on the morning of the trip, we were at Eindhoven Airport to catch the plane. Our flight stopped in Bucharest and then finally Tirana (Albania). On the airport screens, there were exactly the same departure times flights to Bucharest and Budapest. Guess what happened? That's right, we went to the Budapest boarding gate and at the moment of validating the tickets, the machine wouldn't accept them. That's when the airport guy informed us that the tickets were for Bucharest, not Budapest. Obviously, we run to the correct boarding gate but it was already closed. So, we missed the flight. 

It never crossed our minds not to travel. After the situation calmed down, Lisa and I tried everything to find a possibility to fly to Albania but it was impossible. So, why not travel to another country? And you know where we went? Morocco again (and it won't be the last, an amazing adventure in Morocco is coming up, follow the blog). We drove to Brussels and flew from there to Nador, Morocco. 

Upon arriving in Nador, we spent the first few days just in the room because everything was rushed but then we moved to a better house. Near that house, we were at the butcher's and met Oussama. He helped us buy meat because we didn't understand the language they spoke. I want to publicly thank him for always being very helpful. Thank you.


Now, I leave you with Oussama's opinion about his city, Nador: 


 "Nador is a city in northern Morocco. It's a beautiful and tranquil city known for its very beautiful beaches. It is a city scattered over several areas including mountainous and coastal areas with notable beaches such as Arkman Beach, almohandis Beach, Sharanah Beach, and Sidi El Bashir Beach.

The city is almost empty in winter but in summer, it becomes a tourist destination. Its residents are of Amazigh or Berber origin. There are other beautiful tourist spots such as Italian Park and Koroko Park, located on the mountain overlooking the city, with its beautiful nighttime lights. It is known as a border city, as the Spanish city of Melilla is nearby. As for the businesses there, most of them are service-oriented like cafes and restaurants. There are also luxury restaurants, especially near the waterfront. 

For the weather in Nador, it features a moderate climate, somewhat chilly in winter and hot in summer, with a splendid spring season. As for the popular dish known in the city, it's an ancient meal called "Al-Baqoula," a mixture of legumes with barley grains, known in Morocco as couscous. However, it has begun to decline due to people's lack of interest. 

Regarding surfing, it's not a prevalent sport in Nador due to the calm sea and low waves but horseback riding is preferred, with several clubs in the city.

Nador's residents are considered conservative, valuing old customs and traditions more than other regions, and they hold women in high regard as wives, daughters and sisters. They cherish family relationships, gathering for various occasions and holidays and they deeply respect visitors. 

The language used in Nador is the Amazigh language, a very ancient one present in Morocco before the arrival of the Arabic language. 

Living in Nador is favorable climate-wise but economically challenging because the city lacks industrial areas to provide employment opportunities for its residents. Therefore, it appears that the city experiences emigration of its inhabitants to other areas or countries in search of better life opportunities."


We went during the low season and many shops were closed, but it was an excellent place to recharge and satisfy the wanderlust within us. Remember that even if the journey doesn't start off smoothly, at times everything seems difficult, even impossible, but everything resolves itself when we seek solutions instead of dwelling on what happened. Safe travels, and if you need anything, message us. 

Don´t forget:

If you go there, walk barefoot.



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